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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

There is so much to think about. So many choices, options, and considerations! We realize that Bridal shows and wedding preparation can be daunting and a combination of overwhelming, fun, and dreamy experiences. About once or twice a month we send out an email with #WeddingTIPS... tricks, traps, and useful advice on a variety of topics related to the subject of weddings.

Remember, regardless of your decision in photographers, WE WISH YOU THE BEST! And hope you'll find our service helpful and useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask... (there is no charge for questions).

These tips are FREE... #aplusphotographyllc #IowaWeddings #IowaWeddingPhotography

Use them, modify them to suit your more specific needs, or ignore those that don't apply to you or your circumstances. Our ongoing list of Wedding Tips are things most couples (and mom's & mother-in-law's-to-be) need to know (or at least be aware of).

It's 'essential wisdom' gained from experience of multiple weddings and research; from paying attention, with the hope that any one reading these messages think, "I'm glad someone told me that!" We hope you will have the happiest day, the least stress, and the best wedding & marriage possible. We believe that prior planning promotes positive performance.

Our goal is to tackle 1 or 2 new Tips (Tricks and/or Traps) that most couples experience in planning their wedding. There is no specific order, we address these tips as we think of them, have brides (or grooms, or their family & friends) experience them, and as clients ask us for advice and suggestions. Not only have we experienced many of these issues in our own wedding (which included nearly 300 guests, and a bit of chaos and stress), so we have firsthand experience. But, it's better than that, because we've sat through (and photographed) many more weddings... a variety of types & styles... and sizes. Like any good sponge, we tried to absorb as much information as possible, while helping when possible.

Feel free to email or call us if you have any questions or suggestions.

We hope you both enjoy, and invite your friends thinking of a wedding in the future to join our monthly newsletter.

NOTE: we are restating some of our past tips, both as a reminder, and with some edits & additions. Again, please skip those that don't apply to you... and share with your friends & family that you think might appreciate these Tips.


Think about the type of wedding you want--formal or informal, big or small--and the time of year you want it to take place. BEFORE your get fixed on any specifics, consider the planning - the weather, the guests travel needs, and the date.

Some dates are going to be more challenging, and require more prior planning than others. And few people want to drive through snow storms from out of state, hotels can get booked by other events happening at the same time, venues and professionals (bakers, caterers, planners, seamstress's, Videographers, DJ's, and photographers) all get booked often months to years in advance.

We've already had to turn away people for dates that have been previously booked, and have a few bookings clear out into 2020 & 2021 even as far out as 2022 already. So, PLANNING IS VITAL to making your wedding day the best it can be!

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